Bina Duggan

Bina Duggan

Bina Dugan is a communication specialist with 18 years of training and coaching experience in pronunciation, negotiation, and presentation. She began working for Varallo International in 2010. She has worked on communication and writing skills with VI’s elite clients at Prudential, Ernst & Young, and Bank of America.

Bina has been a faculty member at Bergen Community College since 2009 where she teaches speaking and listening, idioms, pronunciation, and writing. She also works with Volvo employees and their families who have transferred from Sweden, helping them improve their communication skills and understand American culture.

She has created and implemented 14-week business communication courses in pronunciation, idioms, and American culture aimed at scientists at Merck & Co.  She has coached high-level executives at SK America on improving their presentations at conferences and at corporate headquarters.

Bina has also designed individual training programs. She delivered tailored business communication programs to engineers and operators/assemblers at Maquet Cardiovascular. She improved the vocabulary and presentation skills for designers at Sony Corporation of America and an analyst at Ernst & Young. She also coached high-level executives at Ajinomoto USA on presenting monthly and quarterly sales reports and financial projections. Bina trained project managers at Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co. in telephone and writing skills. Engineers at DooSan America Corp. benefitted from her intensive 3-month training in U.S. business culture. She trained customer service managers at Fiat Avio and Maserati/Ferrari on email communication.

Bina created American Sports Culture and Business Idioms, a course that explored the use of football and baseball vocabulary and metaphors in the American workplace. She also researched and co-developed an 8-session English for Nursing Students course for Kaplan.

From 1995 to 1997, Bina was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zimbabwe, preparing rural high-school students for Cambridge-based O-Level exams and developing a school library. She trained two groups of incoming volunteers on how to work within the framework of the local school board and the Ministry of Education. She also advised volunteers on fundraising, creating and assembling libraries, often the first of their kind in the district. A short story about her experience in Zimbabwe, “The Bus Ride”, was published in 50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories – Volume One: Africa.

In addition to living in Zimbabwe, Bina has lived in 4 countries and has traveled to over 40 countries. She uses those experiences to help her clients reach their business, cultural and linguistic goals.

Bina holds a BA in Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology and an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language.