Business Writing

Your writing ability should project a voice that is consistent with your personal brand. Controlling your message and tailoring it to your audience are essential. Even when the style shifts from e-mail message to letter writing, your meaning should be clear and consistent.

Writing can be stressful and time consuming for those who are not well trained. Organizations gain a strategic advantage when you swiftly organize your thoughts and present well-received ideas. Fewer mistakes and less confusion lead to greater profitability.

At Varallo International, we focus on the positive and believe that everyone can learn the fundamentals of writing for both business and science. We believe clear communication provides an advantage.

Participants learn in either small groups or privately. All participants also receive line-by-line feedback on specific writing assignments.

The areas covered are:

  • Common writing problems
  • Correct sentence structure
  • Organization of material/clarity in the message
  • Proper tense structures
  • E-mail as a visual format
  • Self-editing documents

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to improve either business or scientific writing.

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