Business Communications Essentials for International Professionals

Nine million college-educated professionals—born outside the USA— are working and living here. We know that they provide both talent and expertise to organizations. We also know that many speak English as a second or third language and need help in business communication.

Varallo International provides a solution by offering two tracks of learning in 1) public speaking and 2) business writing. Both tracks consist of group and private sessions.

Track One:  Speaking Clearly

  • Speaking with Clarity/Modifying Accents
  • Using Accurate Grammar & Native Rhythms
  • Building Confidence
  • Building Vocabulary & Idioms
  • Presenting/Facilitating/Participating
  • Adapting to Cultural Norms

Track Two:  Business Writing

Writing documents in English can be a great challenge for those who did not grow up here. Many of our participants have college degrees from U.S. institutions but still struggle with the everyday nuances of business writing. We help you develop your voice, so that it projects a message consistent with your personal brand. Controlling your message and tailoring it to your audience are essential.  Even when the style shifts from e-mail message to letter writing, your meaning should be clear and consistent.

Our participants learn the fundamentals of writing. As a result, organizations communicate more clearly. The program can be delivered to either small groups or to individuals.  The areas covered are:

  • Common writing problems
  • Correct sentence structure
  • Organization of material
  • Clarity in the expression
  • Proper tense structures
  • E-mail as a visual format
  • Self-editing documents

Target Audience: Anyone who speaks English as a foreign language and is struggling to gain confidence with the communication skills needed to succeed at work.

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