Developing a Global Mindset (DGM)

Global mindset training prepares your team to work successfully and smoothly across cultures. A primer course on intercultural communication, DGM focuses on developing the skills needed to connect in a culturally diverse environment.

The business outcomes include:

  • Organization improves global communication
  • Organization begins to leverage multiculturalism as a strength
  • Individuals gain awareness, knowledge, and skills across cultures

The learning objectives include:

  • Communicate better with multicultural colleagues
  • Respect & identify differing values
  • Connect with individuals across many cultures
  • Learn to avoid the illusion of understanding

Target Audience: Anyone working in a multicultural environment and looking to develop intercultural skills.

Living & Working in the United States

Employees of global firms who are on rotation need help adjusting to U.S. culture, managing a U.S. workforce, and communicating well in English. Working with families since the early 1990s, Varallo International helps employees and family members to:

  • Adjust to U.S. cultural norms
  • Integrate into U.S. workforce
  • Manage culture shock

Target Audience: International employees and families living and working in the U.S. on assignment.


U.S. employees and their families return from an international assignment and are sometimes not aware of reverse culture shock. A one-day program—prior to returning from the U.S.—can help them better understand the assimilation angst some will experience. We cover such topics as:

  • The stages of reverse culture shock
  • How has the U.S. changed
  • What are the new skills learned from a global assignment
  • Impact on children

Target Audience: U.S. employees and families returning from an international assignment.

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