Varallo International Programs

Scope: EY has multicultural employees who need to improve both public speaking and business writing.  Varallo International (VI) provides three programs to bolster their skills.

 Track One:                  Clear & Effective Speaking (CES)

Overview:        Delivering clear and effective messages are imperative skills in today’s workplace.   Non-native speakers of English can struggle with clarity of speech, confidence in delivery, and limited choices in vocabulary. CES helps them develop a professional presence when communicating with clients, leaders, and peers.

Course Objectives

  1. Sharpen clarity of speech; improve sound production & pronunciation
  2. Deliver strong messages using vocal variety
  3. Gain confidence through guided and independent practice

 Track Two:      Presenting with Impact (PWI)

Overview:        Informal & formal presentations are essential for international professionals who face clients.  They must connect with their audiences and organize material effectively.  As a result of this training, participants gain the confidence needed to deliver content with impact.

Course objectives

  1. Connect with the audience
  2. Deliver messages with impact
  3. Organize material effectively
  4. Handle Q&A
  5. Manage difficult audiences

Track Three:   Effective Business Writing (EBW)

Overview:  Developing a strong voice in writing is an essential leadership skill. Participants learn to edit their own writing, create strong sentences, and reply using correct grammatical structures.  As a result of the training, participants write more effective email messages, client memos, and leadership documents.

Course Objectives

  1. Streamline documents
  2. Produce accurate, effective sentences
  3. Develop strong editing skills
  4. Write extended leadership documents: client memo, warning letter, etc.

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Varallo International is available if you need a facilitator to conduct a board meeting, an executive retreat, or a train-the-trainer session.