Founder Vince Varallo anchors our consulting services.  For more than twenty-five years he as served Fortune 500 companies.  Further, Carmela O’Flaherty works with C-suite executives to help them overcome challenges, so they can gain the proper respect and promotions.

Vince has worked closely with the BASF learning to develop and deliver their on-boarding program, Welcome to BASF. He traveled with the learning team to deliver the program in Detroit, Charlotte, Houston, and Florham Park.

In past engagements, he was on the learning team for the  EZ Pass customer service center. He worked with Prudential to set up communication criteria for a global team where eight different nationalities were represented. He facilitated a global meeting in Vezelay, France for Corning. He also designed and delivered—along with Carmela—Citigroup’s program: Business Skills for International Professionals.

Vince also delivered a keynote address to key leaders at Tiffany & Company.

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