Perhaps you have heard the term international professional or multicultural professional before, but what does it really mean? And, how can the Varallo International team help these individuals develop their communication skills and gain added confidence when leading meetings, presenting materials, and writing documents?

There are over 37 million foreign nationals living in the United States. Almost 10 million have earned a bachelor’s degree or more. Many of them hold critical positions in such areas as science, medicine, information technology, accounting and higher education. The U.S. census also indicates that this population continues to grow. Many have been living and working in the U.S. for a long time, some even college educated here. Others have arrived recently, educated in their home country. However, they all share a common thread. Communication is not native. Some have strong accents, use different syntax, fail to understand idioms, lack a distinctive vocabulary, and generally struggle to gain confidence with communication needed to succeed at work.

Basic Profile of International Professionals

The following are some specific characteristics of this diverse group known as international professionals. This group has complex learning needs, and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are far too elementary in content.

Below are some characteristics of this group.

  • has lived in the U.S. for five years or longer; or
  • has studied English for several years in his/her home country
  • understands most native speech, no matter how fast it is spoken
  • has adopted some native speech patterns in English
  • tests high in passive knowledge of grammar
  • has moderate to significant problems with clear-speaking skills
  • has a moderate to strong accent
  • makes rudimentary mistakes
  • has trouble correcting rudimentary mistakes because they have been repeated for a long time
  • has a difficult time being understood—especially on the phone or in voice mail messages
  • avoids public speaking situations
  • has not mastered the art of “small talk”—an important communication tool
  • struggles with business writing

The Learning Solution

Participants must be passionate about improving English and must embrace a substantial learning plan. The Varallo International team can help to create a customized learning plan to meet the exact needs of the individual. Each learning plan consists of daily exercises that are effective but not time consuming. Individuals will need to devote about 15 minutes per day—every day to their skill development. Consistency matters.

In addition to coaching programs, Varallo International also offers workshops and keynote speeches.

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